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We deliver legal cannabis to customers World Wide; We are growing month by month to serve more of United States and beyond, so if we do not service your area now, we hope to soon.

We accepts CashApp, PayPal, Bitcoin and debit cards in most delivery service regions.

The current laws around cannabis and banking currently limit the payment options we can make available to you. We look forward to the day we can support easy credit card payments, or online payment apps like other modern essential businesses.

If you have placed your order and need to change your delivery address at a later time just talk with our customer service for quick action.

Once you have placed your order successfully and payment is confirmed, we register your order for delivery and send you a tracking number.

Our customer service is always here for you if in case all agents are busy you can send us an email.

We ship out world wide except for Africa and Asia because our delivery networks and warehouses are still under construction for now

That will depend on the quantity of products you order. But most at times it’s delivered in one big package with smaller packages inside. 

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