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CBD Flower vs. CBD Vape — The Ultimate Comparison Guide

CBD Flower vs. CBD Vape — The Ultimate Comparison Guide

CBD vapes come from the same place as CBD flower. But, they take quite a few twists and turns along the road.

In the end, CBD vapes become much more concentrated, considerably more flavorful, and to some, perhaps more imposing and less fun than CBD flower. Which type of CBD product is right for you, or might both be appropriate in different situations?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve smoked and vaped quite a few CBD flower products as Secret Nature’s blog writer. In the process, I’ve determined a pretty good baseline of the:

  • Uses,
  • Effects,
  • Benefits,

And flaws of each Secret Nature product type. Let’s explore the key points of each artisan CBD product category to discover if Secret Nature CBD Flower or Secret Nature CBD Vape is ideal for your particular needs.

Two high-dosage ways to satisfy your CBD appetite

First, what is CBD flower, and how can it be in both flower and vape form at the same time? CBD flower is high-CBD, low-THC flower derived from hemp plants, and if grown correctly, it can contain remarkably high concentrations of CBD and terpenes.

Being oil-based, you can remove the cannabinoids and terpenes present in hemp flower using a variety of different extraction processes. CO2 extraction is widely regarded as the safest and most reliable hemp extraction method, and you can use CO2 extraction with a finishing technique to make a purified distillate fit for vaporization.

Secret Nature CBD Flower simply consists of buds from CBD-rich hemp plants that have been lovingly dried, cured, trimmed, and manicured. Secret Nature CBD Vape Cartridges consist of this same flower but stripped of all its non-essential components.

The resulting CBD-rich oil is then combined with strain-specific, live resin terpenes derived from well-known cannabis strains. No THC is transferred in the process, but the end result is a vape extract that’s the spitting image of its origin plant despite the fact that CBD is in the front seat.

What is a Secret Nature CBD flower tin?

A Secret Nature CBD flower tin is a unique container Secret Nature uses to contain its organic CBD nugs. Consisting of a crush-proof metal container with a hermetically sealed, resealable lid, this unique packaging keeps Secret Nature nugs safe and well-preserved with no chance of broken glass letting heavenly hempy aromas loose in transit.

In my experience, the flower inside always arrives at a near-perfect moisture level with next to no wayward trim filling the edges of the tin. While it can seem a little unconventional at first, this innovative packaging ends up becoming endearing surprisingly quickly.

The flower inside is even more dear to my heart. Even within the THC-rich cannabis industry, the quality of Secret Nature’s flower thoroughly exceeds established standards.

Secret Nature has truly set the standard when it comes to CBD flower eCommerce. It looks better, smells better, and tastes better than anything the competition puts out. Plus (and most importantly to me), it’s grown so well that it contains practically zero contaminants whatsoever.

What is a Secret Nature CBD vape cartridge?

Secret Nature CBD vape cartridges take this brand’s otherworldly, sublime flower and craft it into a super-portable and almost disturbingly concentrated form. Secret Nature’s vape concentrate is derived using solventless CO2 extraction, and finished Secret Nature vape cartridges are third-party lab-tested to ensure their potency and purity.

Along the way, Secret Nature’s raw hemp flower nectar is combined with live resin terpenes extracted from a popular cannabis strain. Live resin extraction prevents terpenes from oxidizing, preserving their full flavor until it reaches your palate and potentially delivering enhanced benefits.

These additional terpenes dovetail with the terpenes and minor cannabinoids already present in Secret Nature organic CBD flower extract to deliver pronounced sativa, indica, or hybrid effects. I can personally attest that the sativa or indica effects of particular Secret Nature vape cartridges are very real and remarkably potent.

Secret Nature flower vs. Secret Nature vapes

I’ve selected seven categories to use while evaluating the comparative benefits and detractors of Secret Nature flower and vapes. Let’s begin:

1. Packaging

Secret Nature’s 3.6g flower tins win the beauty contest, but I’d say Secret Nature vape boxes take the cake when it comes to reusability. There’s something downright iconic about the way a Secret Nature flower tin looks inside a standard USPS mailer, but these tins aren’t entirely resealable once opened.

Secret Nature vape cart, packages, on the other hand, are small, convenient, and well-designed. Consisting of two sliding parts, these boxes can be reused for dozens of different purposes.

Neither packaging solution is all that great, however, when it comes to resealability. Therefore, a point will be docked from both Secret Nature CBD Flower and Secret Nature CBD Vape.

Secret Nature CBD Flower: 9/10

Secret Nature CBD Vape: 9/10

2. Convenience

Sorry Secret Nature CBD Flower, the vape cartridge wins it in a landslide. While Secret Nature’s 3.6 flower tin might be a winner when it comes to versatility, it’s undeniably cumbersome to open your tin, reseal it, grind your flower, and smoke or vape it.

With a Secret Nature vape cartridge and battery, on the other hand, anywhere and anytime is convenient for inhaling potent, high-quality CBD.

Secret Nature CBD Flower: 7/10

Secret Nature CBD Vape: 10/10

3. Potency

There’s a firm reality we all have to answer to. In the case of Secret Nature CBD Flower, it’s the fact that unprocessed hemp flower can never be as potent as a concentrated CBD vape cartridge.

At the same time, Secret Nature’s vape cartridges aren’t the most potent in the world. They sacrifice a little bit of potency for improved flavor, texture, and quality.

Secret Nature CBD Flower: 8/10

Secret Nature CBD Vape: 9/10

4. Value

I love vaping Secret Nature CBD flower at home, and I like taking Secret Nature vapes on the go. Each product category has its place, and Secret Nature products are offered at fair prices.

Secret Nature CBD Flower: 10/10

Secret Nature CBD Vape: 10/10

5. Safety

Secret Nature CBD Flower can be either vaped or smoked, so it’s on the same footing with Secret Nature CBD Vapes when it comes to safety. Secret Nature uses organic methods to grow its flower in hermetically sealed environments, and Secret Nature vapes are made using CO2 hemp distillate and live resin extract.

Secret Nature CBD Flower: 9/10

Secret Nature CBD Vape: 9/10

6. Quality

Take a quick look around the Shared Secrets blog. I think you won’t have any trouble getting a clear idea of what I think about Secret Nature’s product quality.

Secret Nature CBD Flower: 10/10

Secret Nature CBD Vape: 10/10

7. Design

The 3.6g flower tin’s canned-food-esque vibe is ingenious, and the vape cartridge’s reusable, sleek, black packaging is enduringly attractive and sustainable. The products inside are equally well-designed and impressively usable.

Secret Nature CBD Flower: 10/10

Secret Nature CBD Vape: 10/10

Overall scores

With each of the seven factors we’ve just discussed factored together, Secret Nature CBD Vape takes the overall win with a score of 9.6. Never fear, Secret Nature CBD Flower, the part you play in the Secret Nature product lineup remains just as indispensable.

Secret Nature CBD Flower: 9 out of 10

Secret Nature CBD Vape: 9.6 out of 10

Explore the differences between CBD flower and vapes for yourself

I’ve delivered a lot of facts, and I’ve sprinkled in some expert opinion where appropriate. It’s up to you, however, to decide where the dividing line between Secret Nature CBD flower and Secret Nature CBD vapes lies for yourself.

Ready to embark on the unique adventures that each Secret Nature product category can bring? Then take your pick of the full selection of Secret Nature CBD Vape Cartridges and Secret Nature CBD Flower, and set sail.

Secret Nature CBD Flower vs. Secret Nature CBD Vape FAQ

Haven’t decided on an ideal product type yet? Mull things over with the answers to these frequently asked Secret Nature flower and vape questions:

1. Who sells the best CBD flower?

There are lots of CBD flower brands out there these days. Secret Nature still, however, sells the best CBD flower in the country — nay, in the world.

Most CBD flower brands grow their hemp outdoors, resulting in low yields and contaminated crops. Secret Nature’s high-potency, lovingly manicured flowers are grown indoors in climate-controlled environments. They’re derived from expertly bred strains tailored to specific flavor profile preferences and ailments.

2. What is artisan CBD?

Artisan CBD is CBD that is produced using careful, finely-honed artisan techniques. Not to be confused with artisanal CBD, which the scientific community defines as any non-pharmaceutical CBD product, artisan CBD takes the quality up a notch with flame-forged skills while keeping pricing reasonable.

3. What is the strongest CBD vape cartridge?

With isolate CBD, it’s possible to push the potency of a CBD vape cartridge close to 90%. High-quality distillate, however, is always slightly less potent.

Secret Nature distillate vape cartridges with live resin terpenes are average in that they contain 60-70% CBD. If you’re a CBD vaping newbie, trust the experts who tell you that’s plenty to get the job done.

If you’re talking about flavor, Secret Nature vape cartridges are by far the strongest. As far as we know, we’re the only national brand making CBD vapes with live resin terpenes.

Live resin terpenes dramatically improve the aroma and flavor of CBD vape cartridges. Therefore, Secret Nature vapes at least taste a little bit better than the next-best CBD vape carriage on the market.

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